09 June 2013

Links for the (two) week(s) - (31 May and) 7 June 2013

We got a little behind last week and forgot to put together the Links. -ed.

Jonathan Chait - Josh Barro, the Loneliest Republican

Ezra Klein - Josh Barro didn’t leave conservatism. Conservatism left Josh Barro.

Expecting the Unexpected - An Interview With Edmund Phelps

Noah Smith - What can you do with a DSGE model?

Noah Smith - What is an economic equilibrium?

Ta-Nehisi Coates - Health Care and Social Justice

Ezra Klein - No one really believes in ‘equality of opportunity’

Justin Fox - Who Should Actually Have Say on Pay?
Also: Corporate governance and banks: what have we learned from the financial crisis?
Paul Krugman - Ben Bernanke Endorses A 73 Percent Tax Rate [semi-satire]
Dylan Matthews - The black/white marijuana arrest gap, in nine charts

Dan Amira - Why Conservatives Hate Citi Bike So Much, in One Venn Diagram

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